I Have Had an Amazing Life

If I should die tomorrow I would know this.

And yet, for much of my life I did not.  I was a “glass half empty” personality.  Shifting the way I perceive my world has been an ongoing project and one that has fulfilled a personal desire to be happy.


Who doesn’t want happiness?!  The thing is you don’t go out and get it.  One of our biggest misperceptions is believing we must seek happiness.  (Isn’t it even written into the American constitution that one has the right to pursue happiness?)  This implies that we must hunt and chase it down.

Emotional Tone Scale

We all have an inner centre of gravity, kind of like a magnetic core.  You can feel its frequency or vibration and we have names for levels of vibration in terms of how we feel or what emotion is there for us.   These emotional frequencies range from hopeless to blissful.  When you look at your life you can get a sense of where your emotional centre of gravity is.

We can categorize our emotions into an emotional tone scale

  •                                                 Joy
  •                                         Optimism
  •                                 Motivated
  •                         Proud
  •                 Cynicism
  •         Angry
  • Depressed

Within each of these steps you will also find a range of feelings that may be higher or lower vibrating.  For example within “depressed” you might have suicidal, hopeless, desolate, powerless etc.  Within “proud” – special, clever, accomplished, righteous.  Within “motivated” – changing, courageous, open and allowing.  We move up and down this scale of emotions throughout our day but each of us will find that we generally centre around one.

Raising Your Vibration

How does one raise their emotional centre of gravity?  There are many techniques and practices for doing this.  Essentially we need to rewire ourselves but first we need to know where we are at.

Write Your Story

  • What has happened in your life and how do you perceive what has happened?
  • How do you feel about the events that you see as significant for you?
  • How do you feel you have been treated by the people in your life?

As you do this you will get a sense of what your centre of gravity is.  Then you can begin the process of shifting how you view yourself and your life and you can rewrite your story.

Most of my life I was stuck in and around Pessimistic but now I hover between Motivated and Optimistic, occasionally poking my nose into Joy.  My intent is to share my ‘story’ and how it has shifted to I Have Had An Amazing Life!


I invite you to share your story with me here or privately.  The first step to moving out of lower energies is to expose them and see them for what they are.


About Coach Mary

Mary is a Master Maven Coach (Maven Method™) - one of the deepest reaching and most effective coaching methods at present and is also trained in the Golden Flow™ Method of releasing blocks and flowing with life. She has completed the Mastery of Awareness and Transformation courses with Kris and Kalyn Raphael, certified personal growth guides from the don Miguel Ruiz lineage (world renowned author of The Four Agreements). Mary’s life experience has exposed her to many varied careers, many joys and some deeply painful events. She has released and healed the crushing grief from the death of her son to rediscover the love and joy of life. All have led to an inner awakening and a drive to know her Self deeply and to live life fully, consciously and with Intent. Among her dreams is to guide and support others in their journey through self-awareness and transformation.
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11 Responses to I Have Had an Amazing Life

  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Mary. I love the idea of a “center of gravity” when it comes to emotions…have never heard it quite put that way. The “steps” of emotional ladder you lay out are so important. I find much of our frustration in life comes from trying to skip steps or jump too far from one step to another! Glad to have found you on the UBC.

  2. JazzSoup42 says:

    Me too! I was happy to see where I was on your “scale” — what a great way to show us that we can’t be angry, depressed and optimistic at the same time! Now, many people’s response to this post will be, “Yeah, great, I’m aware of this, but HOW? I don’t have time to write, for God’s sake, I have to feed myself! I’m working harder and harder, and this is just more work!”.

    Well, (1) that’s where Coach Mary’s experience and guidance comes in, and (2) I’m here to say that the following works for your mind and spirit as well as for your body: a chiropractor I once had told me, “If you don’t take care of your body, your body will find ways to take care of you.”

    When you get really sick, and find yourself unable to function, you also find yourself with lots of time to stare at the ceiling and think and process and read and write and HEAL…

    And boy — while it’s scary and uncomfortable at first — does it ever change your perspective on your Self and the world!

  3. Susan says:

    What a fabulous post, Mary. I love seeing the steps laid out and thinking about them more deeply. Like you, I find I’m hovering around the Motivated/Optimistic steps, though it sometimes doesn’t take much to plunge me straight down into Angry (or at least Irritated). Incidentally, I read yesterday the following quote (from Robert Holden) about happiness: ‘It’s official – the pursuit of happiness has speeded up. We are chasing after happiness faster than ever. And the faster we run, the longer the race becomes.’ It made me pause for thought.

  4. Rona says:

    I like the scale, though I would put anger above pessimism. Because to me, pessimism is more like depression – you are kind of dulling your emotions and just seeing everything negatively. With anger, at least there is some passion involved – you still care. Just a thought.

    • Coach Mary says:

      Hi Rona,
      Good point and I had questioned this myself when I was first introduced to this scale. Perhaps a better word would be Cynicism. Once you’ve moved through Anger there is a letting go which may seem something like ‘giving up’ or ‘what’s the use’. Within this vibration of Cynicism might be included: worried, untrusting, doubtful, horrified. I think in future I will use Cynicism and place pessimism within the Depressed range. Thanks for your comments!

    • JazzSoup42 says:

      That seems logical and accurate to me, too, Rona. Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. Mary,
    I found your blog today, and while I don’t have availability to give it the attention it (and I) deserve at this moment, it’s definitely on the top of my to do list. In the meantime, my blog is essentially me writing and processing through my story, if you would care to visit. I believe that I found your site because of what I’ve been doing, learning, and growing through my writing.


    • Coach Mary says:

      It’s wonderful to see you here Kina. Thank you for dropping by and I look forward to your next visit. Our paths cross for a reason even if only to receive a stranger’s smile to brighten our day. Enjoy your journey and inner exploration as it brings you deeper into Self.

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