Living Who You Are – Mirrors Part One

We’ve talked about an inner centre of gravity that brings us matching experiences in our outer world.  Your outer world is what you experience and your experience is processed through your body (your five senses) how you feel about what is happening and your thoughts about it .  In a way your outer world reflects back to you what is going on within your three bodies (physical, emotional and mental) whether you are conscious of this process and the inner centre of gravity or not.

Your World As a Mirror

Let’s take an example:  Have you ever been feeling annoyed or upset with something and kept these feelings to yourself?  You have a sense that in expressing these feelings you won’t be helping the situation, you’ll only make things worse.

However, you know you’re still feeling annoyed.

There are many possibilities in how your world will begin to reflect this annoyance – perhaps you’ll stub your toe and become more upset, or you’ll get stuck in traffic, or someone will come around and start complaining about something and this will push your annoyance button again.  These are just little clues for you to see that you might want to do something about how you are feeling.  (We’ll talk about how to shift your energy in future posts.)


If we react to the mirror (our experience or world) by blaming the table leg we stubbed our toe on, yelling at the other drivers for blocking our way or telling the complainer to leave us alone we feed the annoyance spiral.

Rather than ignoring or trying to break the mirror use it to see yourself clearly and take steps to shift your energy.  The deeper you allow yourself to fall into the gravity well or into the mirror the higher the climb out will be.


About Coach Mary

Mary is a Master Maven Coach (Maven Method™) - one of the deepest reaching and most effective coaching methods at present and is also trained in the Golden Flow™ Method of releasing blocks and flowing with life. She has completed the Mastery of Awareness and Transformation courses with Kris and Kalyn Raphael, certified personal growth guides from the don Miguel Ruiz lineage (world renowned author of The Four Agreements). Mary’s life experience has exposed her to many varied careers, many joys and some deeply painful events. She has released and healed the crushing grief from the death of her son to rediscover the love and joy of life. All have led to an inner awakening and a drive to know her Self deeply and to live life fully, consciously and with Intent. Among her dreams is to guide and support others in their journey through self-awareness and transformation.
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One Response to Living Who You Are – Mirrors Part One

  1. JazzSoup42 says:

    Oh, boy, is this appropriate today, O Psychic One! 🙂

    And I’m all proud of myself for being able to see that and laugh, even while I’m being annoyed at the table leg…… And the laughing is spiralling me back upwards again!

    Thanks for this, Coach!

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