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When Someone Does Something Horrible

I have been having discussions lately with myself and with friends about some of the very terrible things that can and do happen.  In particular the discussions are about the ugly side of what humans have done to each other. … Continue reading

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Changing Your World

Lately we have been discussing here how we attract in a collective way Who or What is at Fault , We Create Everything in Our Reality?! and I was asked when individual concerns would be addressed.  We will start with some … Continue reading

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Who or What Is At Fault?

We are needing to go deeper into the subject of blame. Blame implies fault. It requires our belief that an external impetus or a force is being exerted upon us. It absolves us of responsibility. It puts us in a … Continue reading

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Atheism’s Role in Our Evolution

Why would I be addressing this topic on a blog site that deals with Spirituality?  Simply put Atheism is a very spiritual point of view about Existence.  (We are all spiritual beings even if we may not see ourselves this … Continue reading

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