“Mary is an amazing coach with the skills to get to the underlying matter of the challenges I was facing.  She was able to shift my awareness enabling me to see what I truly needed to focus on . . . the things within my own energy and life that I needed to shift to align myself with my Intentions and then inspire me into action I knew I needed to take to move forward.  Mary is a powerful partner in my continuing transformation.”


“Mary’s guidance through the Toltec Mastery of Awareness course has helped me to reveal and organize my jumble of instinctive responses to life by developing a clearer awareness…..  This has had a definite strengthening as well as a calming effect on my everyday life…. I am looking forward to the next level of study…and Mary’s skilful and intuitive teaching.”

“The Toltec Mastery of Awareness method is very powerful….Mary coached me in a very loving, understanding way.  I find her coaching very clear.”


“I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank-you to you for joyously instructing.  Your coaching for these courses is enlightening and fun.  With attention to each participant discussions help to open our spiritual, emotional and mental way of being.  Your approach to meditation is soothing and rejuvenating”



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