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When Someone Does Something Horrible

I have been having discussions lately with myself and with friends about some of the very terrible things that can and do happen.  In particular the discussions are about the ugly side of what humans have done to each other. … Continue reading

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Who or What Is At Fault?

We are needing to go deeper into the subject of blame. Blame implies fault. It requires our belief that an external impetus or a force is being exerted upon us. It absolves us of responsibility. It puts us in a … Continue reading

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Nothing Moments Update

In July I received a submission from a friend, Lesley – a beautiful story of a small incident that touched her deeply.  In sharing her moment with us we developed a connection and our hearts were touched as well.  Here … Continue reading

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“Nothing” Moments

A friend wrote to me yesterday with a desire to share a story and a piece of her heart and I would like to now share it with you.   Opening our hearts to each other takes courage and trust … Continue reading

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Turning Points

Each of us has had at least one startling event in our lives.  These experiences can range from traumatic or tragic to exciting or awe-inspiring.  They often lead to new insights or ways of thinking and perceiving the world.  They tend to … Continue reading

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