It’s an Odd Behaviour We Have

Strangely we have a propensity to view things negatively.  We tend to see the world as a nice place to be BUT (there is so often a “but”….)  We see something not so nice happen and start thinking “bad  things always happen”.  We see a moment when we don’t have something that we would like to have and we think “we’ll never get it” or once we have it that “we’ll lose it”.  We hear that a great big storm is on the way and that everything is going to fall apart around us.

We hear news of some virus that’s going around and we’re sure we’re all going to get sick.

Well yes, sometimes not so nice things happen.  However, look back on your life.  Out of all your moments how many were truly awful?

  • How many were pretty fine?
  • How many were comfortable?
  • How many were satisfying?
  • How many were filled with laughter and fun?
  • How many were filled with joy and excitement?

Life Is Pretty Good

Can we truly say that most of life is negative?  It is long overdue that we begin to change our perspective.  Our focus on horror, negativity, lack, greed, envy must shift to seeing what really IS.  Most of what goes on is beautiful, positive, abundant, caring, compassionate, joyful and satisfying.

Most of Life is wonderful!  And isn’t that what we would prefer?

But (and here’s that “but” again) – we hit a bump in the road and in the oddest behaviour imaginable we want to stay with that bump by

  • complaining about it.
  • analyzing it.
  • trying to fix it.
  • blaming someone or something for it.

We point fingers and panic!

Bumps in the road or challenges happen but when we focus on them in a negative way we make the challenge harder for us to move through.   This behaviour can even make the challenge bigger or worse (to use a negative perspective).

I’ve been asked over and over:

“Well, what do we do about those things that are not good in this world?”

First we must stop our negative focus, our negative reactions and importantly our finger pointing.  When we are in negativity and thinking someone or something is out to do us harm (whether or not they really are) we feel threatened and unsafe.

Second we must acknowledge what IS.  See the situation as it IS (just the facts).  This will give us a sense of some control.

Third we must know what we would prefer to what IS.  This empowers us.

Fourth we can now go about manifesting what we prefer.  This also empowers us.

Let’s take an example:

I often hear people complain about big companies that are selling things that are considered not good for us and yet the company claims these things are good for us and continue to sell and promote their ‘goods’.  A common reaction to this is to

  • complain about the company and their products,
  • petition against the company,
  • put forth government legislation in attempts to stop or hinder the company,
  • demonstrate against the company and its policies, etc.

Now, if we were in the company’s shoes would we not fight back?  And does that then not encourage us to fight back?  And on and on it goes.  So all of these things we think we are doing to make a better world are in fact keeping it just the way it is.

In this scenario what would we prefer?  What would our world be like for us if it were the way we prefer?  Probabilities might include:

  • having goods and services that are in fact good for us.
  • having companies that have everyone’s best interests at heart
  • a peaceful resolution

Envision that this is so and then begin to see how it would manifest.   We know it does not manifest well through aggressive means such as those listed above although it may with much adversity and anguish.   And we would prefer to have this new world or situation manifest with more ease.

Individually we do not have to be someone like Gandhi or Mother Teresa to make a difference.  What role can each of us play to bring about the change we desire without going into anger and finger pointing tactics and the roller coaster of emotional outbursts?

We must keep the focus on us and what we prefer.  Some possibilities include:

  • producing our own beneficial goods individually and collectively so that we are no longer dependent on the company’s ‘goods’
  • educating ourselves and each other on healthy choices
  • educating our leaders with the focus on what we desire (not what we don’t want)
  • consistently letting our leaders and the company know what we prefer by purchasing only beneficial goods
  • letting our leaders and the company know what we prefer by stating consistently, repeatedly and unwaveringly what that is.
  • discontinue talking and thinking about what we don’t want – keep the focus on what we DO want

What we are talking about here is a difficult relationship – between a company and the people and what amounts to a disagreement.  We could as easily be talking about a relationship between two people.  Focus on what you DO want.

The change in our world will not happen overnight but with consistency of focus on what we desire to manifest we become the change we want to see in the world and our world will change in accordance with that.


About Coach Mary

Mary is a Master Maven Coach (Maven Method™) - one of the deepest reaching and most effective coaching methods at present and is also trained in the Golden Flow™ Method of releasing blocks and flowing with life. She has completed the Mastery of Awareness and Transformation courses with Kris and Kalyn Raphael, certified personal growth guides from the don Miguel Ruiz lineage (world renowned author of The Four Agreements). Mary’s life experience has exposed her to many varied careers, many joys and some deeply painful events. She has released and healed the crushing grief from the death of her son to rediscover the love and joy of life. All have led to an inner awakening and a drive to know her Self deeply and to live life fully, consciously and with Intent. Among her dreams is to guide and support others in their journey through self-awareness and transformation.
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